Pressure Sensitive Labelers

Sticker Labelling Machines

The pressure sensitive labeling is an easy to work with, cost-effective, and a very reliable solution. These Labelette Pressure Sensitive labeling machines, also known as Sticker Labeling Machines, are your ideal device for pressure sensitive labeling of plastic, metal, fiber, and glass containers. These machines are typically used for spot labeling containers and packaging with a pressure sensitive label.

Labelette manufactures a variety of pressure sensitive labelers for many different applications. Labeling systems are available in semi-automatic table-top solutions, fully in-line automatic labelers, and high speed rotary systems for customers with high production demands. These labeling machines use the latest technology to deliver superb adaptability and performance.

Also available with all of our pressure sensitive labeling machines and labeling heads are our print and apply machines. With these machines you can use a blank label, or a semi-printed label and quickly print to each label before it is applied to the container. This is great for lot stamping, lot dating, and custom messages.


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